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ArryCode Thursday, February 3, 2011 ,


A common attack against the web infrastructure can be the infection of harmless web pages. Some malware changes every HTML file stored on the disc and adds a link (very often an IFrame) to a site hosting malicious code. Other attacks can aim for the web servers and try to insert forwarding to the pages hosted there. The owner of these pages is advised to take them offline. Fix the hole (either on his own PC or on the server), check the pages for infections, clean them and go online again. Infected Web Pages often contain additional Iframe, Object or Script Tags. The Script Tags often contain encrypted Code.

Date discovered:  - 14/08/2007 
Type:  - HTML 
In the wild:  - Yes 
Reported Infections:  - Low 
Distribution Potential:  - Low 
Damage Potential:  - Low 
Static file:  - No 
Engine version:  -


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